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For nearly two decades, London Luxury® has designed, developed, manufactured, and marketed a distinct line of home products that demonstrate a commitment to superior quality for consumers around the world.



A Global Design Development & Sourcing House

With 278 employees across six countries, London Luxury® is a global leader in textile and home product design, development, and production. From our corporate design headquarters in New York to our overseas offices in Istanbul, Shanghai, Lisbon, Delhi, and Tel Aviv, we have built a strong and agile sourcing arm that allows us to be first to market with new and innovative technology and technique.


Full Service In-House 360 Marketing & Advertising

London Luxury® handles full service 360 marketing and advertising in-house to ensure that our dedication to quality and success extends beyond production and design. We view marketing as an art form, and work tirelessly to engage with our target audiences in new and innovative ways that are high impact and brand right.


Knowledge of our Community

We develop collections with a keen knowledge of what our community of buyer’s desire, and a deep understanding of what our consumers shop for. The strong relationships we have with our brands and our retail partners allow us to work closely and strategically to create unique collaborations and to build meaningful branded programs that truly resonate with consumers.


Infrastructure Engineered For Maximum Efficiency

Our infrastructure has been engineered for maximum efficiency. Robust systems identify optimal shipping configurations while our demand planning team works with cutting edge technology to forecast our customers’ needs months in advance, giving us the accuracy to properly service our many large-scale businesses.


Marc Jason

CEO & Founder

Marc Jason is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of London Luxury®, LLC, a New York based global manufacturer and distributor of premium home goods. Under his leadership, London Luxury® has grown from a small private label manufacturer to a global producer, spanning almost every category, supplying major retailers on an international scale. Today, London Luxury® manufactures not only retailer private label and London Luxury® owned brands, but holds the exclusive worldwide licenses for multiple prestigious brands. Marc was born and raised in London, England and educated at Harvard Business School. He is dedicated to multiple philanthropic organizations and currently resides in New York with his family.


This Gives Us a Fresh Perspective and We Are Constantly Challenging Ourselves to Think Forward, to Understand Our Customers, and to Deliver Products Beyond Their Expectations.


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